U.S. Criminal Court

Justinianus Moot Courts bring out one of its fundamental courts again in 2020 with the case of  United States v. Kaczynski. As a tradition, JMC has been presenting and presents a common-law court to give an understanding of a different legal system on the federal judiciary and the division of powers in the US as it is enshrined in the Article III of the United States Constitution. This way, it aims to improve the competence of the interested participants in comparative law. The participants will have a chance to serve as judges or jurors and will gain knowledge on the general framework of the separation of questions of law and questions of fact between judges and jurors through the jury system. Besides, this Court is open for participants who do not have any legal background as it is expected from the jurors to be the voice of the reasonable common persons, and the guardian of the public trust in a legal system dominated by lawyers and judges. 

In this year’s edition of the US Criminal Court, United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit will hear an appeal for the case of Ted, also known as the Unabomber for his 17-year spree of attacks of homemade bombs that both captivated and worried the American citizens. Ted Kaczynski is a former Professor and accused of conducting a series of attacks, using mail bombs to target academics, business executives and others. 

Now it is time to evaluate the facts of the case as well as consider the arguments of FBI’s longest and most expensive manhunt and reach upon a decision. The discussions will not only include substantive law but also focus on the legality and admissibility of the search and seizure procedures through the collection of the evidence. It is guaranteed that the enthusiasts of criminal law will face a real challenge during the hearings and are welcome to be a part of this memorable experience. 

Under Secretary-General: Ata Uçar

Academic Assistant: Ayben Tecer

Academic Assistant: İpek Bozbura